Free Instant messenger for your site Free Instant messenger for your site Free Instant messenger for your site Free Instant messenger for your site Instant messenger for your site
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Instant Web Messenger facilitates visitors of a website to be better connected with each other. Unlike emails it sends out messages instantly to other members of a community. Online members know about presence of their fellow members and can initiate a chat at anytime with each other.

With neomessenger, a webmaster can start his own instant messaging service on his site in minutes. neomessenger is based on ASP model, so you do not have to worry about any hardware or software, you do not have to have a heavy MIS budget or technical team or maintenance. The application runs on our server so you never have to worry about the upgrades as all the upgrades are done on our server which become available to you instantly.


Instant Messenger Key Features

Free Instant Messenger for your website just like yahoo, msn, aol.
You just need to register and copy the HTML code into your web page.
Remotely Hosted on our server. No setup fees. No Programming Required.
Display your own banners, logos. 100% your branding.
Web based Control Panel. Customize your Messenger.
Upload your Logo, banners. Manage your visitors. Set messenger color schemes.
One-to-one Messaging. One-to-many Messaging. Conferencing.
Search Members. Manage friendlist. Offline Messages. Send Emoticons.


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